Digital Billboards = Awesomeness

Digital BillboardsSo our Atlanta office is relatively close to the expressway and at our exit is one of these new Digital Billboards. This thing looks amazing to me, it is super bright and crystal clear. From what I can tell the ads displayed are on a loop, display for a few seconds, and move on to the next. Now I might be wrong but I also assume that this tower has an internet connection so ClearChannel (whoever) can change the ad lineup from their home base.

To me this is amazing, I can think of a ton of cool applications for this (I’m probably not alone), from what I understand right now it takes about 24 hours to get your ad changed on the billboard but, what if the ad was able to take in some information over the internet like weather for example around the billboard location and display a different message or product based on that info. I can see the StarBucks ad right now saying “It’s cold out there! Take the next exit for a Venti NonFat Caramel Macchiato.”

With all the new media like these billboards, digital signage, iPhone, etc. it is an exciting time to work in New Media.