New Camera = Fun

I have been wanting to get a DSLR for a long time but they were just too expensive, in the last couple years Canon and Nikon have introduced relatively in expensive dslr’s so I tried to save some more money and buy it off eBay 🙂 I decided on getting a Nikon D60 but instead of buying the kit which included the camera body and lens I bought just the body and then separately bought a lens. I did this because I like taking close up photos (macro) but I also love being able capture a scene so having a wide angle is important. I bought a 18-200mm lens which gives me a really wide angle for regular shots and really great zoom for shots that I need to get close on, it is generally consider a very good all-in-one lens. The kit lens is a good wide angle lens so having one lens that does both was what I was going for.

So I have only really used it twice and here are the two separate sets from Flickr, you get to see wide angle and close up 🙂