Web 2.0 – Data Aggregation Part II geoTagging

First the definition: Geotagging, sometimes referred to as Geocoding, is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as websites, RSS feeds, or images and is a form of geospatial metadata.

Basically it is adding Latitude and Longitude to an object, so if you search for information based on a location you can find relevant objects.

I have to say I love this type of stuff, for my senior project at The U myself and two classmates wrote a script that pulled your current position from a GPS receiver and sent it through a cell phone to a database. Then through a flash app we displayed your current position on a map with your heading and speed. I actually still have it online, click GIS, now be easy on me this is back in 2003.

Fast forward to today and Google is slowly but surely making my vision come true. One of the cooler things we did back then is we had a database of locations and their geotag, as we tested it we could see the distance from a location our friend was. Today I notice that google is pulling Geotagged photos based on areas that I’m looking at on a map.

My wife and I were thinking of taking a road trip for our day off on Monday. While I was looking up locations I opened up Google Maps and went to a lake with in driving distance. There was a new button I had not noticed before called “More”, under that is a check box for photos, when I clicked that BOOM a ton of photos from the exact location they were taken. I could now see exactly what real people see at different locations, not a brochure but the actual photos.

So as I was looking at this I was wondering how Flickr’s own geo tagging was going. Flickr was one of the first large website to incorporate geo tagging but since I don’t use Flickr for mapping it is not something i had checked out in a while. I have to say the quality of photos on Flickr are a lot better than the ones google is pulling in.

It is really cool to see the highquality professional photos for different locations from different photographers.However, major Fail on Yahoo for not having Flickr photos showing up on Yahoo Maps. They own Flickr, they should have it done already.

Now I really think the tipping point is going to come soon and I think that will be iPhone 2.0, the jesus phone. I’m really looking forward to the new version of the jesus phone because it should have a pretty good camera and there is rumored gps functionality. That combined with the SDK, I think there are going to be some really great geo tag applications. I would love to see an app that takes your position relative to a location and shows you information, whether it is coupons or events but I see a ton of possibilities to having your live position and an internet connection.