The Miami Dolphins hate iPhone owners

I zoomed in so you can see what I see
I zoomed in so you can see what I see

I’m often surprised by high profile sites that get a ton of traffic but don’t try to accommodate as many users as possible. I recently went on a trip and as we were traveling my friend tried to look at the Miami Dolphins website on his iPhone for a schedule.

As you can see to the right the Fins site on his phone isn’t the most helpful thing in the world. Flash is not yet supported on the iPhone so what do the good o’le Fins tell us… Get Flash… but we can’t. FAIL.

So here are two things the Miami Dolphins can do to make sure their website doesn’t stink as much as they did last year.

1) Continue to use a JS script to serve up alternate content, but PUT ALTERNATE CONTENT… Give me a link to the main site at least… only problem is when you go to the main site the site navigation is also in flash.

2) Now the first solution will help a lot but you could always check to see if the user was coming to the site with a nonstandard device like the iPhone for example. Easiest way is to use a conditional statement in your programming language of choice and check to see if the HTTP_USER_AGENT contains the word iPhone. Once you know that you can server up very targeted content. Like what is the address of the stadium, what time is the game, or what is the score of the game…. all things a user viewing your website from a mobile device might be interested in. Here is a link to learn more on some basic designing for the iPhone tricks.

NY Gaints site on the iPhone
NY Gaints site on the iPhone

Bonus Tip

If you are a developer and want to know what your site looks like on the iPhone and you don’t happen to own an iPhone there is two things you will need. 1) An Intel based Apple computer 2) iPhone SDK (Free)

Once you get those two you can look at your site on the iPhone Simulator provided with the SDK. Doesn’t the Gaints site look nice… get with it Fins.


Is it football season yet?

I can’t wait for football season, college or pro. Today I came home to a package at the front door and to my surprise it was my 2007 Fantasy Football Championship tshirt. ummm, Yes Correct! We have a big time fantasy football league at 352 Media, last year I think we had 20 teams. We split the teams into two leagues and I got lucky and won my league.

Now I need to defend my title so I have a couple suggestions for Yahoo, who provides some top notch service for our league.

First, provide a way for guests to view the league. Since we have two leagues it would be nice to see how my friends are doing in the other league. I think that should be an easy thing to setup, just an admin setting to make the league public or private.

Second, along the same lines as the first request make a widget or some embed code that we can include on our blogs or sites so show people how we are doing in our league. Not that the growth of Fantasy Football is slowing but the more exposure the better.

Third, take your live stats tracker to the next level. Put it in Adobe AIR or Microsoft Silverlight I would love a basic desktop app for my stats. Add some better play by play for all the games, god knows if I could watch every game at the same time I would try to. Since I can’t, my live stats let me know how my team is doing. Add some sound or something when I score. Form a deal with to put highlights of my players. Add live chat to the league members through the app, many of us are in different parts of the country so we can give each other updates for the games they are able to see. It is simple, I just want it to be cool.

Hopefully we will get to see some of these features here next season, truth be told Yahoo does a great job doing updates and every year they are making improvements.

Defend the Championship!