Internet while traveling in Europe and Some new Photos,

Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you who travel abroad. Internet access to me is often expensive and hard to find in most European cities. Over the last couple years I have used everything from dailup connections to sitting on street corners that I find open wifi on. This year I decided to spend some money on an option that I can use this year and for the years ahead. Many cell phone providers here now offer usb internet sticks that are pay-as-you-go so I can put some money in the account and just use it for the time I’m here. Connection speeds vary depending on the city you are in, but I tried it in Sicily, Rome and about 100 miles outside of Rome and I was able to get a 3G connection (or faster) almost every time. Right now I’m sitting on a cruise ship about a mile off the coast of Sicily without issue.

I got my “Internet Key” from Vodafone for 69 euros and I put 25 euros in the account, 25 euros supposedly is good for about 5 hours of usage a day for a month. I won’t use anywhere near those amounts but I’ll have some for the next time I’m here. Internet on the ship is something around 89 euros for 1 hour, getting the Internet Key from vodafone makes sense to me if you want/need to check the internet while you are away.

Some General Notes

  1. The cruise ship Celebrity Solstice is Las Vegas on water, we love it. 99% of the ship is geared to adults; the food, furniture, atmosphere, etc is all top notch. There is a kids level of the boat but it is tucked away, not in your face. We are super happy with Celebrity cruises, everything so far has gone really smooth and we have already talked about how to get our friends to take this same cruise with us again.
  2. I floated the idea of moving to Rome to my wife earlier this week, it was promptly shot down. However if we have the money summer months were approved when we have kids.
  3. Here are some photos from the trip so far…. we just started on the cruise so these photos were just from the week we spent in Rome and Siciy with my family.